Important Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Escorts
Important Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Escorts

An escort is a female who is paid per hour and not for the act. Men hire female escorts for different services. There are some who hire them for dinner, company but most people hire them for sex. Chennai is one the state capitals in India and is well known for its female escorts. Some work as independent while others operate through agencies.

Independent escorts are better to deal with since they are more affordable compared to those who work through agencies. There are several facts about escorts that many people know nothing about. These include:

  1. Escorts have boyfriends

Many of female escorts have permanent boyfriends. A few escorts are even married with children.  Many of female escorts take this as a profession like any other.

  1. Legality of escort services differs with the country

Escorts in different nations offer diverse services according to the rules governing them. In some countries they are restricted while in others like Amsterdam, escorts even pay tax.

  1. An Independent escort earns more than those working through agencies

Female Chennai escort working as independent entities make 50 percent more than those working through agencies. An independent escort keeps all the cash she gets for payment while those working through agencies get 60% of the total pay.
Important Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Escorts

  1. Many escorts are literate people

For a long time people termed prostitution as a career for school drop-outs. However, escorts came and changed this whole perspective. Many Independent escorts in Anna Nagar are educated people. Some escorts are actually graduates.

  1. Escorts have secret lingo

This is mostly used in countries where prostitution is highly prohibited. Independent escorts who negotiate online with their clients use coded internet abbreviations and slang to indicate the services they offer.

  1. Escorts are much safe compared to others in similar professionals

Female escorts are 85% safe compared to other women who offer sex for money (prostitutes). This is because escorts are expensive hence attracting clients that are far more sensitive who hire them for authentic services.

  1. Escorts go on tour

Independent Female escorts who operate under agencies are sometimes taken to Western European towns for like two weeks. Each escort gets a room from where they’ll service their clients. Escorts in such setups sometimes end up being exploited.

Important Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Escorts

  1. They are rated on the internet

The practice of rating Escorts has gone to the web. People even offer advice on a particular escort to choose. This includes even independent escorts while others rate the agencies.

  1. Escorts make a lot of money

Independent escorts get paid between $ 200-400 hourly and more. High class female escorts who cater for executive clientele can earn up to $1000 hourly.

  1. They run social media accounts.

Many female escorts and especially independent advertise their services through their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. They post their photos but mostly use pseudo names.

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