Matchless Slay Queens in Andheri

Beautiful is an understatement when it comes to our slay queens. Our Escorts in Andheri are the most beautiful women I’ve ever come across. They have well shaped thighs, beautiful face and are always finely dressed. They have their make-up intact all the time and use the best beauty accessories in the market. Andheri Escorts at My Escort Angels escort agency always have their lives well organized.

We always call them slay queens because they are far above any girl you’ll find out there. They are sharp, experienced and are capable of driving any man crazy. Our Andheri escorts are well known for their creativity in sex. They use different ways to drive any man crazy. The most they are well equipped in is for a doctor and a patient. Many men who have had an experience in this have given very positive reviews. Many have confirmed to have repeated this time and again.

Different roles played by our Andheri escorts

The escort stands out as the nurse and her client is the patient. “If all nurses were as sweet as Andheri escorts at My Escort Angels , I wouldn’t mind living in a hospital” said one of our clients. They wear sexy uniforms and take all the duties of a nurse while their clients are waiting to be treated. They are also very good in taking up the role of a boss and their secretary. The escort takes up the position of a secretary for an executive business person. Many men love this idea of a boss and his secretary. At times the man might choose to play the role of a secretary but only when he is ready to be submissive. In this role, the dress code is mostly nylon stockings.

Ageing was once celebrated as a great achievement, but in the present days, it is considered a setback. Nobody is ready to be old. This is where the client treats their female escorts in Andheri like they belong to different age groups or vice versa. This practice sometimes is regressive, where the main aim is to re-experience infancy, or sexual, rebuilding a sexual affiliation with persons of the makeup and/or right ages. Mostly, this involves characters pretending to be youthful than they really. Rarely do they assume older ages. Being a prisoner is not fun. However, taking up a prison fetish setup is a fun thing to do. Especially when doing it with a hot girl like an escort in Andheri. They make everything around you beautiful adding taste to reality.

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