Having a threesome with a Bandra queen

In this day and era, sexuality has become more fluid. Individuals and couples as well are not adhering to specific sexual course anymore. With this new wave, more duos are welcoming the idea of a third party to flavor up their bedroom matters. So you want to have a threesome; why should you hire an escort in Bandra as opposed to your attractive next door neighbor or a random dude at the pub? What should you keep in mind before embarking on this adventure? For most couples, threesomes just happen; usually as result of a wild night of tequila shooters and absinthe. The result is mostly not pleasant. Some friendships never recover and some relationships end up in the garbage.

So how do you navigate this ground to have your coveted threesome and keep your relationship? The answer is; hire our Bandra escorts. Top among the reasons for hiring an escort from My Escort Angels in Bandra is their expertise on this. Our Bandra escorts are more equipped for a threesome. They also pose no threat to the stability of the couple’s relationship. Therefore, both parties can just relax and enjoy the experience without worrying that they will lose their partner.

Expertise of our Bandra Escorts in Threesome

One source, a Bandra escort, reiterates that while a couple is so used to having sex with each other, adding a third person to the bang changes everything. For starters, everyone needs to be involved at all times. In this respect, our Bandra escorts know how to ensure a perfect balance between the couple by giving them both equal attentions without favoritism.

Second, our independent Bandra escorts have more experience with similar situations. An independent Bandra escort pointed out that while couples may feel or think that they are up to it on paper and when the actual time arrives they become shy. They need an experienced third party to get them well on their way and smooth out the awkward moments. Our female escorts have lots of skill and positions that work for threesomes. It enhances the couple’s experience to have someone who knows the positions that deliver a punch.

Advantage of having an escort at My Escort Angels agency

You only need to mention to her what you need and she’ll teach you how it’s done. They have bundles of experience in threesome which makes them the greatest asset even to first timers. Having an escort means that you can just let them know you are not into it and make a clean break without hurting anyone’s feelings.

On the other hand, if you are way into it, you can make requests and enjoy yourself because the escort is invested in making you happy. If you are dead-set on having a threesome, then consider hiring an escort. It could be the only solution to ensure a fun experience devoid of a nasty aftertaste.

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